Choosing the Correct Technology for Your Next Project:

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We recognize that one of our client’s biggest challenges can be deciphering the right technology to use to stand out in today’s crowded market.  Fortunately, we love this conversation and embrace the balance of weighing out whether to use an older (potentially more affordable) software in a new way or to take on the potential of embracing a new one.

Here’s a look at what we did for a client recently…

Werfen – a medical device client – needed a new sales tool to grab the attention of cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists.

The Create3 team designed, developed, and built a 360-degree, 3D interactive app, using gaming technology.  The result delivered a realistic and easily digestible equipment sales floor shown through a cardiovascular operating room featuring all of the client’s devices in use – with fully animated clinicians and full interactive product opportunities.

No one else in the industry was selling similar products to this target market in this way. We had the knowledge of the software to make it happen effectively and within budget.

The sales tool has been wildly successful across the globe, highlighting the product in an engaging and interactive space, and has helped to communicate Werfen as a leader within the cardiovascular operating industry. 

Please feel free to reach out about it.  We would be happy to connect and brainstorm with you on your best solutions.

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